Jack Roth – professional freelance writer

Welcome. I’m Jack Roth, and I’m a professional freelance writer and editor who specializes in magazine feature writing, nonfiction book writing and manuscript editing.

Jack Roth is a professional freelance writer and manuscript editor.My passion is writing words that compel readers to keep turning a page, clicking a mouse or swiping a screen — again and again until they reach “the end.”

And when that last word is read — whether it’s a 500-word blog post, 5,000-word feature article or 500-page nonfiction book — you want readers to feel the experience was well worth their time.

But what if your written words don’t jump off the page, grab the reader by the eyelids and scream “read me!”? If you’re not a professional freelance writer, your audience could lose interest immediately after “Once upon a time …”

That’s where I come in. As a professional freelance writer, I’ve been making words sing for 20 years, and I’ve helped dozens of clients transform their ideas into “read me!” content.

I’m most often hired to write feature articles for magazines, write/edit textbooks and co-author/ghostwrite nonfiction content. But I’m a writer by trade, so if you need ideas to come to life on a page or screen, I can help.

Bottom line: You have a great idea, and I have a way with words. Perfect match.

Please visit my portfolio pages to see examples of my work. If you like what you see, contact me at jack@jacktroth.com to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation on your next writing project. I look forward to exceeding your expectations.


P.S. Curious about the difference between a “professional freelance writer” and a “freelance writer”?